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catalytic converter scrap price

catalytic converter scrap price

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Scrap metal dealers near me

We have heard many stories over the years about different catalytic converter pricing and how people always feel like they are getting cheated while selling their cats. Well. Scrap metal dealers near me …We hear you and have even been in that boat before, not knowing what something is worth is one of the hardest things to do when scrapping because you are essentially trusting whatever scrap yard or catalytic converter purchaser to tell you the truth…that’s tough. So, let’s take a step back and talk about where the prices for catalytic converters come from and go from there.

Nearest scrap yard – Catalytic converter

If you want to compare a catalytic converter pricing to copper wire it may give you a better idea of the recovery and the markets. Let’s take a basic wire like THHN wire and do a comparison. Nearest scrap yard. Copper is relatively easy to price because it is traded and a pound of copper will equal whatever the market is at today. So, for our example let’s say it is worth $1.00 per pound (hope it is higher when you are reading this!). If you have 100 pounds of THHN and the copper content is 75%, that means that 100 pounds * 75% = 75 pounds of copper and at $1 per pound, it is worth $75. catalytic converter scrap price.

Sell scrap metal –  Catalytic converter near me

With thousands of different grades of catalytic converters out there you would need to collect, well, thousands of catalytic converters of each and then assay each of them as separate lots to get a true percentage and know what each is worth that day. Sell scrap metal – Catalytic converter near me. Let’s take the copper example and apply it to a sample catalytic converter recovery.

Let’s say that platinum is worth $100 per ounce in today’s market, a nice round number (again…we hope it’s worth more than that while you are reading this!!!). You find a car that has a catalytic converter, and just by chance, you have the ability to refine that cat down and get just the platinum recovered from it. Assuming none of the inside honeycomb was missing, and assuming that the recovery goes perfectly, maybe you get 0.5 ounces of platinum out of it, which multiply by $100 per ounce would equal $50.

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