Scrap metal recycling
April 5, 2019
Scrap battery recycling | Scrap stainless steel
Scrap battery recycling | Scrap stainless steel
April 18, 2019
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scrap metal recycling Scarborough

Bestway Metal Recycling is a metal trading company, located in Scarborough Ontario, Canada. We are expanding continuously, always improving, and constantly growing as the industry around us grows. We are a sound and reputable firm; having specialized in buying, segregating and distributing non- ferrous metals for nearly two decades. Based in Concord, Ontario (part of the Greater Toronto Area), the company has been in operation since 2010. Our customers are primarily industrial, and we operate from coast to coast in Canada, as well as internationally.

Scrap aluminum wheels

Scrap aluminum wheels. We know what the marketplace needs, we know what is needed, and we know how to procure it. And because of our global on-line communication network, we’re up-to-date with the most current needs of our suppliers and consumers, both locally and on an international scope.

Scrap forklift buyer

Scrap forklift buyer. Our specialty is in non-ferrous metals – amongst others, these would include aluminum and copper, bronze and brass, lead and nickel, even gold and silver. We segregate our metals based on customer specifications, as well as the unique requirements of the market. And using our computerized search systems, we’re able to monitor supply and demand around the world, thus ensuring competitive pricing, whether we buy or sell.

Catalytic converter buyer

Catalytic converter buyer. Bestway Metal Recycling  is well positioned to manage your metal needs: we’ll purchase scrap material from you; we’ll manage your excess metal programs; we’ll provide transport and logistics; and we’ll guarantee timely pickup and transport. It’s all done with superior service, competitive pricing and a level of efficiency that you expect. Depending on your business, and depending on the scope of your needs, Bestway Metal Recycling can also offer you business solutions.

Scrap battery

Scrap battery There are many reasons as to why you may want to recycle your scrap copper in Brampton, as copper recycling has numerous benefits for you and the environment. Recycled copper is almost as valuable as the original copper: the metal is simply collected, melted down, and manufactured as a new copper product. This reduces the amount of harmful sulphate gases released into the atmosphere during the copper extraction process. Scrap battery, scrap batteries , Car battery , car batteries, Junk battery , junk batteries, Dead battery , dead batteries

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